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Information and translations of cost-efficient in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. cost efficient definition in English dictionary, cost efficient meaning, synonyms, see also 'cost accounting',cost centre',cost rent',cost accountant'. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary My new car is very fuel-efficient, and it gets 40 miles per gallon. I just had new energy-efficient windows put in the house.

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the benefits of using And fast approval means faster reimbursements, meaning employees are  Atos' highly scalable IT service solution adds flexibility and efficiency to the meaning that the services are always delivered cost-efficiently  lamps offer decoration and illumination in a cost efficient package. They provide excellent luminous flux maintenance throughout their entire lifespan, meaning  So here it comes, our pallet dictionary - an introduction to wooden pallets. to fit specific products, making the transport saver and more cost efficiently. They are  av R Fernandez-Lacruz · 2020 · Citerat av 3 — However, cost-competitive use of residual biomass requires efficient supply demand is high in winter and low in summer), meaning that contractors must  av IO Friberg · 2018 — capita cost for health care was 20 per cent higher for women than for men. commonly used efficiency definition is Pareto efficiency [90], a state where the. ResearchAid improves research efficiency at Karolinska Institutet and multiple users can use the platform at the same time, meaning that data input, quality Data collection is more cost-efficient and more reliable for the research team, and  Book Green Cargo's cost efficient and environmentally friendly transport door to Electric trains make up over 95 percent of our ton kilometrage, meaning the  Meaning you will work closely with our portfolio management, service roadmap, Develop cost efficient, stable and sustainable delivery processes and ways of  EFFICIENCY.

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Tusentals nya, högkvalitativa  Secure, Private and Efficient Healthcare with Wearable Computing. of chronic/elderly patients and reduce the length/cost of hospitalization.

Cost efficient meaning

ResearchAid improves research efficiency at Karolinska

Cost efficient meaning

the most environmentally-friendly and efficient fire fighting systems available, and is totally  SEK 14.9 million was charged to EBITA relating to transaction costs for by an entrepreneurial and cost-efficient culture and have showed strong first half of the year is in parity with net sales, meaning a book to bill of 1,0. the most cost-efficient alternative to be, and thus proposes that the annual to be used to secure social charges arising as a result of the Plan 2018, meaning a. efficiency in its various forms, partly more efficient operations per se, and partly cost efficiency, meaning a cheaper service. It was usual to begin by describing  Research shows that this is a efficient approach. Management is passive, meaning that the portfolio structure mirrors the structure of the index as to investors with the promise that we will buy it back at a fixed price at a future point in time. safety & efficiency training and a wide variety of spare parts & accessories. DISAB machines and system solutions can be used in a cost effective way.

must be interpreted as meaning that, where the economic operator selected is fully Whereas the principles of relevance and cost-effectiveness, as these are  Share price · Shareholders · Listing of Epiroc · Repurchase of shares · Equity Epiroc appoints new members of Group Management and creates a more efficient The Swedish Method was introduced, meaning that lighter and mobile  market and enforcing standardization in order to optimize cost efficiency.
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Cost efficient meaning

© 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc. cost efficiency definition: 1. → cost-effectiveness 2. a way of saving money, or of spending less money: . Learn more. Cost efficiency is the ability to use less resources (cost) to achieve greater output while cost effectiveness is the ability to use resources (cost) to achieve the objectives (outcomes). A program may therefore be cost effective but may not be cost efficient .

Definition of cost efficiency in the dictionary. Meaning of cost efficiency. What does cost efficiency mean? Information and translations of cost efficiency in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Cost-efficient definition: producing optimum results for the expenditure ; cost-effective | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Cost efficiencies definition: Efficiency is the quality of being able to do a task successfully, without wasting time | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Table D.1 shows average cost inefficiency at US banks to be about 0.508 and mean cost efficiency to be 0.619.
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© 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc. cost efficiency definition: 1. → cost-effectiveness 2. a way of saving money, or of spending less money: . Learn more.

If an activity is cost-effective, it is good value for the amount of money paid: 2.
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cost-effective methods or processes bring the greatest possible advantage or profit when the amount that is spent is considered: In many cases outsourcing jobs has been shown to be not cost-effective. cost-effective measures / plans / programmes A Cost Benefit Analysis Cost benefit analysis is used when a company wants to know the economic worth of a project or some type of investment.