Gevär m/96 – Wikipedia


Gevär m/96 – Wikipedia

Camp Perry's Vintage Sniper Rifle match is the grandaddy of them all  12 Nov 2011 I have a 104 year old Swedish Mauser that was converted into an M41b sniper rifle. In its current form, it is a WWII era rifle, and it still shoots 1.1  22 Jan 2013 I thought about a new bolt (bent) and the sniper mount they have. was a direct copy of the military m55 sight used on the m41 sniper rifle. Réplique de fusil de sniper MB4416C par Well.

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Here's a sniper rifle that is considered to have been perhaps the finest of its day. This is a Swedish M41B. Originally developed during WWII as the M41, the M41B is an upgraded version and like the M41 is based on the famous M96 Swedish Mauser. About 12000 of the FSR-rifles used a sight called the AGJ-sight made by "A. G. Johanssons Metallfabrik AB" in Västerås. The AGJ sight is marked "SM sikte agj-ram" and looks very similar to the later "SM sikte m/55" used on the m/41 snipers rifle. Swedish M41B Sniper Rifles All Military Snipers are discussed here!

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The "B" stamped on the scope means it went through the update later to become the M41b. The m/1941 sniper rifles were m/1896 rifles of all three manufacturers, in 1941–1943 selected from the existing stock for accuracy and converted by Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori into sniper rifles.

M41b sniper

Gustafs High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

M41b sniper

one of the early samco imports, still having the orange samco inventory tag. Although, the plastic tie has been replaced by a rubber band. Barrel is stamped, "Samco Mia Fl m41b 6.5x55 germany." Rifle is a mauser oberndorf made in 1899 for sweden by germany. This auction is for an exceptional Swedish Mauser M41b Sniper Rifle in truly excellent condition. The rifle has a matching receiver and bolt but small parts such as the barrel bands, buttplate and trigger housing are not, which was common with these rifles as they were converted to sniper configuration. Finally got my Swedish M41B sniper from samco last week. Been waiting to get this one for a while.

We have dropped the price to close out the rest of them. Swedish M41B Ex Sniper Rifles ClassicFirearms. Loading Unsubscribe from ClassicFirearms?
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M41b sniper

The AGJ sight is marked "SM sikte agj-ram" and looks very similar to the later "SM sikte m/55" used on the m/41 snipers rifle. Swedish M41B Sniper Rifles All Military Snipers are discussed here! Preservation forum, please no altered military surplus rifles or discussions on altering in this forum. I have a real nice original Swede M41 (NOT M41B!) sniper rifle that is missing the scope and mount, but still has the original base attached. Did the The " G m41b "disc were used starting with the 1955 rebuilds & mostly discarded when the bore disc came into use . Some that have not been rebuilt since 1955 may still have the sniper disc . Also , at least 2 snipers have shown up from SAMCO Global in Florida , USA with 2 disc on the stock .

Swedish Mauser M96 Rifle Dated 1905 #168532 (Rifles  LNG-M41B-RI2543 M41B - RI2543 One of the rarest, most accurate and historically desirable rifles in the world. The M41B's were the sniper variations of the  Download this stock image: A sniper's rifle M 1896 with Ajack m/41B scope, Cal. 6.5 x 55, no. 702693. Matching numbers. Mirror-like bore. German proof mark.
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The base rifle was manufactured in 1900. Yes, it’s a 116 year old gun. I think the scope is a post-WWII production by Jena. Which is correct. 4x.

Your example from the pictures looks to have escaped the process or has seen very hard use since. You might have scored a diamond in the rough. The Swedes were extremely meticulous on the care of even weapons kept in storage.
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